Mike Rofone:

Carmel Crawford asked us to help her develop a look for her animated property, Mike Rofone.

Mike Rofone is an ace reporter who is also a walking, talking microphone. Together with his friends Indy and Amy, two intrepid teens intent on keeping journalism alive, they fight against the malevolent media empire of Randolph Steele. Whether countering Jason Ratz’s bad reporting in the real world or battling the destructive Viper Virus in the digital one, Mike Rofone and his friends are the only ones who can keep the public safe and informed.

For this series we explored two versions of the character designs. The first was aimed at a younger audience while the second explored an aged-up look for an older audience.

2A! designed these versions of the property written by Jeff Holder. We also designed the pitch packages which were used to help shop the series.
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